Phantom Songs

mélange unique de cabaret allemand, chanson française, musiques tsiganes d'Europe de l'Est et Americana… "entertaining global fusion that deserves international success"

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Les 17 Hippies sont de retour avec 13 'chansons fantômes' tour à tour badines et nostalgiques – un mélange unique de cabaret allemand, chanson française, musiques tsiganes d'Europe de l'Est et Americana, interprété en français, allemand et anglais par trois chanteurs ("comme si on avait trois groupes réunis en un seul") et toujours une pléiade d'instruments acoustiques joués magistralement par Kiki Sauer chant, accordéon, chœursDirk Trageser chantguitare, cymbalum, Christopher Blenkinsop compositions, chant, guitares, ukulélés, bouzouki, son diversKerstin Kaernbach violon, alto, scie musicale, chœurs, Daniel Friedrichs violonLüülbanjo, ukulélé, chœursDanda Cordes contrebasse, chœursAntje Henkel clarinette, sax alto, flûtesHenri Notroff clarinette Elmar Gutmann trompette, bugle,  Uwe Langer trombone, euphonium, trompette, cor chromatique (et aussi Rike Lau violoncelleGregor Fuhrmann violoncelleKlaus Wagner percussions, cordes claviers, divers sons et samples,  Vladimir Miller clarinette, clarinette basseChristian Beck, Melisa Y. Fowler, Sabine Wedmann chœurs).


"Their third ace in a row, a beguiling mélange of French chanson (Jolies Filles), gothic mystery (Across Waters) and ice maiden cool (Blumen im Glas). There are banjo-plucked ballads and spicy Middle Easter flavours, washed down with slightly dodgy Balkan brass on Biese Bouwe. The oddball cover this time is Beefheart’s Gimme Dat Harp Boy rendered as a stalking orchestral piece, one surprise among many." Uncut, June 2011.

"Phantom Songs is only their fourth studio album and sees their combined songwriting efforts becoming gradually less quirky and more tuneful. The moods range from pensive to playful, and the diverse arrangements for brass, accordion, a plethora of stringed instruments and more are especially pleasing. 17 Hippies’ growing virtuosity and accessibility deserves to win them a wider audience. There used to be no substitute for seeing them live – where they are in their element – but this comes quite a bit closer." John Lusk, BBC, 12th May 2011

"A sophisticated, quirky band from Berlin who sing in German, French and English, 17 Hippies have spent 16 years developing an unlikely style that mixes French chanson and German cabaret with Balkan gypsy music and Americana, with a dash of anything from calypso to Middle Eastern styles thrown in. The Hippies are currently a 12-piece band, and they play anything from accordion to brass, violin to ukulele and banjo…  They are excellent musicians and have a fine female singer, Kiki Sauer, who is at her best here with the gently edgy Ton Étrangère, which matches chanson with what sounds like the muted backing for a spaghetti western. Elsewhere, singer Dirk Trageser tackles eastern European dance influences on the brass-and-accordion-backed Biese Bouwe; a third vocalist, Christopher Blenkinsop, echoes Leonard Cohen on Across Waters; and there's a jazzy, brass-and-violin reworking of Captain Beefheart's Gimme Dat Harp Boy. This is a brave and entertaining global fusion that deserves international success." The Guardian; 20th May 2011


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