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Bamako Today

Associating the guitar of griots with the lute of Bambara hunters had never been undertaken before in the Malian music universe. It is indeed two opposite worlds that the drummers Ibrahima Sarr and Aymeric Krol have decided to bring up together in order to develop a resolutely urban music style rooted in secular tradition. Guest artist : Piers Faccini DVD : ‘BKO on air’, un film de Chris Ubermann, sélectionné pour le WOMEX 2014 Bamako, en plein état d’urgence. 4 artistes maliens et 1 français se réunissent sous l’œil de Cris Ubermann afin d’écrire une histoire humaine et musicale. De la colline des forgerons aux sacrifices animistes, ce film est un brillant écho à la musique de BKO Quintet. The film – Selected at WOMEX 2014 Bamako, right in the midst of the state of emergency. The meeting of 5 artists –4 Malians and a Frenchman– watched and filmed by Cris Unermann with the aim to write a story both musical and human. From the hill of the blacsmiths to the animist sacrifices of witch-doctors, this film brilliantly echoes the music of BKO Quintet