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The (re)union of Paris, Rio and Saõ Paulo. Their music sails on the choro repertoire. Yet in Paris  Fernando Cavaco, Sergio Krakowski and Ricardo Herz have been feeding on jazz and music from the world over, scouring the city's scenes – on any day of the week, for that matter. The daring and delicate cavaquinho challenges the melodies of the violin on a percussive tapestry neatly woven by the pandeiro's jingles. Audiences can but be swept away on this musical voyage, until – who knows – the ineffable is revealed. The sound of Terça Feira Trio therefore slips into the interstices of traditional Brazilian rhythms and unfolds itself in the cross-cultural present. Between folk and erudite music, samba hues with shades of forró freely flirt with jazz. Here is their reading of music. It links both sides of the Atlantic and it is in their image: modern, mischievous and virtuoso.