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TIPARI - Reunion Island Corine is more than just a singer, Kevin is more than just a bass player, the musicians are like travelling companions and Tipari is much more than just a band. Their first CD is like a passport to the borderless lands of dreams, music and emotion.  Corine’s voice turns Kevin’s melodies into inspired bird songs, which are as many invitations to a voyage. Each song is an echo of childhood —under rain or sun, sad and melancholy or happy-go-lucky. Each song chimes out a secret ready to surge for those who can listen, make it out and share it. In Reunion Creole, Corine’s poetry unravels the tender caress and silky song of the Indian Ocean, where she dips her pen. She treads on the dust of paths changing from green to ochre along the Creole huts of her childhood. Each piece on this album calls up memories and takes people on a journey to the heart of Reunion, and further on to all the music in the world. Welcome to a poetic, both sad and cheerful cross-cultural reverie.   Corine Thuy-Thy (vocals/percussion) - Kevin Reveyrand (bass/musical), Gisela Razanajatovo (backing vocals)- Francis Arnaud (cajon/percussion) - Taofik Farah (guitar) - Fred Soul (percussion/melodica)