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Sài Gòn, Saïgon

In this collaboration with Franck Tortiller, Hương Thanh reclaims the world of jazz.Here she is back in Saigon, the metropolis of her birth, revisiting the repertoire of a time bubbling with a new creativity constructed around the western style. Hương Thanh and Franck Tortiller bring a new and contemporary dimension to these songs of yesteryear, evoking steamy landscapes as described by Marguerite Duras in "The Lover" and costumes imagined by Wong Kar-Wai for "In the Mood for Love." Their dual vision transcends this atmosphere, erasing the outdated grandiloquence of old, to restore only the imperishable poetry to the nostalgic wave of the soul

  • Huong Thanh : voice
  • Franck Tortiller : vibraphon
  • Bertrand Lajudie : piano
  • Richard Metairon : double bass
  • Vincent Tortiller : drums
  • Alexandre Herichon : trompet
  • Xuan Vinh Phuoc : đàn bầu