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Monster Talk

Exactly twenty years ago (happy birthday!), Bumcello performed their first concerts in a bar with the idea of replacing the DJ with a cello and a drumkit. It worked. In 2006, the duo competed in Victoires de la musique in the electronic music category without using a single electronic instrument. They won. Bumcello's first album since 2012, Monster Talk marks the return of the Vincent Ségal - Cyril Atef  duo. It's a big step forward. The line-up is as unexpected as ever — a drummer, a cellist, total freedom and originality in guests — and the music as unclassifiable. 

The 13 tracks on Monster Talk combine a multitude of influences (from dance to Haitian rara, dub to contemporary music, post-punk to go-go), all the better to transform them and break loose from them. Recorded over five days as Paris shivered under the snow in early 2018, produced by Vincent Taurelle (who also plays keyboards), Monster Talk is outstandingly rich, intense, dynamic and surprising. Monster Talk is Bumcello's eighth album, and it’s a big eight: a figure-of-eight loop on a roller-coaster ride.