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Nostalgique Egypte: crooners, love songs & imrovisations


Nostalgic Egypt: Crooners,Love Songs and Improvisations 1925-1960
Egypt can legitimately feel a form of nostalgia, she has carried for more than half a century a cultural model in the entire Arab world. During this golden age that runs from the interwar period until the early 1970s, Egyptian music will literally flood the region, from the Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean, undergoing profound and complex change.
It is this crucial historical period that we rediscover through a collection of 17 remastered titles implying the greatest voices but also the most influential musicians of the time.
The immense Oum Kalthoum the creative Mohamed Abdelwahab , the nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez, the delicious Chadia, Farid al-Atrash’s sentimental melancholy, Asmahan : "Nostalgic Egypt" resurrects this passage of the virtuoso tradition to a lighter repertoire, that of the "taqtuqa" and this variety of unparalleled richness. It offers a few bonus musical improvisations of great beauty, as "taqsim" signed Moheddine Bayoun Effendi, the great master of tambur and witness of a past time.