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Yene Alem

Ethiosonic and other Ethio-experiences

Etenesh Wassie et Mathieu Sourisseau invitent Julie Läderach : Yene alem (voice-acoustic bass-cello)
"Traveling is not becoming the other, it's going to meet him. Etenesh Wassie and Mathieu Sourisseau are traveling musicians, and for ten years Estenesh has rubbed shoulders with music elsewhere. Saying it from here, a traditional Ethiopian singer, she established an elective affinity with Mathieu Sourisseau, who was fed free-jazz and alternative rock.On their debut album, Belo Belo, and then on stage, they still rubbed d other aesthetics, each preserving the integrity of its own musical language.In inviting Julie Läderach and her cello, they build around the tensions between rock, western music and singing azmari a triangle of energy of a singular beauty, bitter and generous. " (Diane Gastellu)