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Boula (vinyle)


"Bonga" Jean-Baptiste was born in Croix-des-Missions, La Plaine, Haiti, to a family with a long lineage of Vodou tradition. The recordings contained herein aim to encapsulate the very spirit of tradition that Bonga has fought so hard to uncover and preserve throughout the years. Ceremony is at the heart of Vodou; however, there is only so much than can be soaked in by a passive observer without having the knowledge to decode what is being experienced. In these recordings Bonga is thus documenting and acting as a bridge, an interpreter that provides context found in these highly nuanced spiritual rituals. "Boula" offers the listener a song based approach covering a wide range of rhythms and lyrical themes in a highly condensed format that carries over both the structured and improvised segments of a ceremony. Traditional and personal story telling also intertwine, presenting all of the ingredients for the highs and lows that set the stage for invocation. When the final curtain is drawn, we hope this aural account inspires, and above all, paves the way for healing; the true essence of ritual in the
"old world".