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Songs from Inside, Songs from Outside
Five years after La Silencieuce (Cas Particuliers/Buda Musique 2017), Meïkhâneh confirm its Persian, Mongolian and European influences of its music, at the crossroads of an Imaginary Folk and World Music. The trio explores interiority and exteriority, the cocoon and the vast world, what is felt and what is said. A call to space, travel, nature... This new album offers 13 songs that are both luminous and intimate, earthy and vibrant. Sung in Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Greek, French and imaginary language, the Songs from Inside, Songs from Outside deliver limpid, deep melodies, dancing rhythms, in a setting of plucked, rubbed strings, between earth and sky.
Maria Laurent (vocals, tovshuur lute, banjo, transverse flute)
Johanni Curtet (throat singing, khöömii, guitar, dombra lute, morin khuur fiddle, mouth's harps)
Milad Pasta (vocals, zarb, daf, udu drum, riqq, additional percussions) 
Guest musicians:
Pauline Willerval (gadulka, cello)
Dylan James (double bass) 
Recorded and mixed by Bob Coke