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« Confronting the 17th century repertoire with current sound techniques as well as with styles of interpretation derived from traditional music, the Qui-Vive! project aims to make heard the dimension that underlies all music and yet is regularly repressed: that of noise, of the reality of sound in its unheard-of dimension of the absolute». Jean-Michel Vives
« I only know about serious music. Serious music sung around tables and bars, danced in the dust, mixed in the back of clubs, electrified in cellars and garages. Passed on through days and through games, it rises up from the streets, it gives rhythm to our lives. Instinctive and spontaneous music, whose codes cannot be assimilated in a single lifetime.
I only know about popular music. Popular music that originates in the pages of theses and anthologies, that is bred in the intimacy of study and rehearsal, that resonates joyfully in places that are sometimes intimidating. Stretching improbable threads between the ink of the staves and the concert halls, it is often prolonged into melodies that we hum while we dream. We literally bring it to life.
I only know about modern music. Written on anonymous manuscripts from another age, printed at great cost by the first music publishers, or erected in baroque barricades, music that was forged tomorrow morning. It breathes the air of the times. Its insolent modernity confuses us and drives us.
Our “Qui-vive!” was born here, at the crossroads of these paths, uncaring of labels.
Agile, turbulent, curious, it is made up almost exclusively of pieces born during the 17th century and completes a triptych that began with “Il Sole non si Muove” and continued with “Contretemps”. Loving anachronisms and disorientation, all that matters are the ideas of circulation and interchange (as well as the sweetness of laughter, of course, and the presence of cats) ».Bruno Allary
Bruno Allary : artistic direction, guitars, vocal – L.Atipik : vinyl scratching – Nolwenn Le Guern : viola, bass guitar – Clémence Niclas : vocal, flutes – Carina Salvado : vocal, percussions