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Melodies, Pieces for Piano and Chamber Music

Musical Heritage of the Jews of France

The 5th album in the series 'Musical heritage of the Jews of France", this double CD with a richly documented booklet presents the works by Fernand Halphen, a Jewish composer, violinist and patron of the arts who died at an early age during the 1st World War. Refined, delicate and voluptuous, his music brings to mind Fauré's intimate works, as well as Cesar Franck, Massenet and Saint-Saens. Some of his music is still played nowadays in synagogues. His music is performed by highly talented musicians: Jeff Cohen (piano), Alexis Galpérine (violin), François Le Roux (vocals), Jean McManama (horn), Clara Novakova (flute), Sonia Wieder-Atherton (cello)