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Isabelle Courroy flutes, accordion, vocals - Philippe Franceschi clarinet, tapan, voc  - Patrice Gabet violin, alto sax, voc - Christiane Ildevert cdouble bass, voc - Lionel Romieuoud, guitar, tambura, trumpet, voc Creative Music from the Balkans

“The music we play is full of people — the people who have been playing it in the Balkans and those who have inspired our compositions. This music is also full of ourselves and the time we have spent gathered together around it, for almost 20 years.”
 Aksak's musicians have managed to renew —irreversibly— the musical language if the Balkans. Along with an uncommon ability to synthesize, their creativity has enabled them to take this musical tradition out of its context and, transcending its formal and functional aspects, to express its universal dimension. Guided by the teachings of acknowledged masters, they have taken in this musical culture as a whole, beyond style, school and lineage peculiarities. They have fully mastered the technical dimension in this music and achieved a personal style which is immediately identifiable.