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Ethiopiques Volume 24


As was the case with Ethiopiques 1 and 3, this 24th CD in the Ethiopiques collection presents a selection of powerful pieces from the historical Amha Records catalogue. We meet again with such artists as Ayaléw Mèsfin, Gétatchèw Kassa and Sèyfou Yohannes, and are introduced to other artists as yet unreleased or hardly known in the West, among them Menelik Wèsnatchèw, Seyoum Gèbrèyès, Tamrat Molla and Wubshèt Fisseha. Bonus tracks: Two pieces by the young Mulatu Astatqé, recorded in the early sixties when he was under the influence of the Latin and Carribbean scene of the burgeonning Swinging London. And two pieces by The Ashantis, a Kenyan band based in Addis Abeba, which was very influent in the early 70s.