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Nostalgia Magazine, Vol 1

A self-taught guitarist, Patrick Desaunay has been a pioneer of the traditional music renewal in France. He was one of the co-founders of La Chifonnie, a leading group on French folk scene of the 1970s’, along with La Bamboche and Malicorne. He also took part in the creation of Taxi Mauve, a figurehead of Irish folk music in France. This anthology retraces his itinerary as a guitarist and presents many of his songs, whether traditional or inspired by tradition (from Auvergne, Quebec, Ireland). Patrick Desaunay is an all-terrain, curious and open musician, with so many artistic inclinations that he cannot be confined to traditional music only. Above all, this born melodist plays his own compositions, notably within the Compagnie Désau, perhaps one of the bands closest to his character. His is a kind of ‘new traditional music’, i.e. stemming from different traditions. These inspired pieces express a very personal universe, which primarily favours emotion, sensitivity and beautiful melodies.