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Yézémèd Yébaèd - Ethio-Expérience - 2 Dvds

Ethiosonic and other Ethio-experiences

DVD 1 : Yézémèd Yébaèd (« about family and elsewhere »): This film presents the ode paid to Ethiopian music of the 60s-70s by Le Tigre (des platanes) and Eténèèsh Wassié. The improbable meeting of Eténèsh, a great voice of Addis-Abeba, and the mean improvisers of Le Tigre has created a bridge between a prolific musical past and a curious, innovative present. What figures contributed to the emergence of the Ethiopian groove ? Why are these waves still resonating in our bodies ? Following the steps of Eténèsh and Le Tigre, this musical journey takes to the heart of Ethiopia and its music, so terribly topical. DVD 2 : Ethio-Expérience, live at Musée du Quai Branly (Paris), concert filmed on March 24, 2009: A small bug accidentally brought to France from North America in the early 1970s, the Sycamore lace bug (in French: le tigre des platanes) is a dreadful parasite that eats away the bark of the sycamores that border our majestic boulevards and national roads. On stage, the Tigre des Platanes turns into a deadly quartet, eating up and recycling indestructible music in their own, rather impertinent fashion. With the traditional Azmari singer Eténèsh Wassié, they have been tracing a disconcerting and fascinating path.