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Music From the Sahara Desert

Music of the world

The Fezzan is a desertic region located to the West of Lybia, not far from Algeria or Niger. It is inhabited (pacifically nowadays) by Nomadic Arabs who ended up settling down around the palm groves, Tubu caravaneers who speak a Sudanese language and Tuareg people belonging to the Ajjir group. The latter are nomadic breeders populating the Ghât oasis. Their musical practice is based on poetic songs accompanied on the Arab lute 'ûd as well as the metal qaraqeb castanets and various membrane drums. The group Chet Féwet associates young female singers with Yussuf's voice, interpreting sung poems inspired by the traditional repertoire. These young women also provide the percussion, with both instruments and hand clapping. Their songs are inspired by the ocean of sand on which the eyes and imagination sail to the always-renewed rhythm of its undulations, or the meeting with the beloved woman, sweet as honey and as terrible as an incurable disease.