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A Journey In The Steppe - Shaman Voices

After ‘Edjin Duun’ (track feat. on the CD ‘Gaia’), here comes the long-awaited CD by Okna Tsahan Zam, the charismatic Kalmyk throatsinger. Produced and arranged by Claude Samard, this album is presented in a beautiful digipack with a richly illustrated booklet and a 16’ bonus DVD with film footage of the steppe and the videoclip of ‘Edjin Duun’. Conceived as a journey through the steppe, it features musical sequences set in a movie-like fashion to render the universe of the steppe. Melodic songs sustained by electronic touches alternate with ‘roots’ pieces (on vocals and dombra). Okna Tsahan Zam is also featured solo on three tracks devoted to throat singing. Electronic contributions naturally reinforce the ‘trance’ aspect of shamanic music. Traditional instruments are played by Kalmuk and Mongol musicians, and the additional sounds of nature connecting the songs (wind, thunder, wolves, horses…) were recorded on the spot, in order to create an authentic sound universe in harmony with the cosmic dimension of the steppe. The CD also includes two urban remixes as bonus traks, techno and pop renditions of a traditional song.