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Mi Camino Flamenco

Music of the world

Paco El Lobo took on a passion for the flamenco very early in his youth. He attended celebrations and tablaos in Andalucia, where he met elder singers. After being introduced to the cante jondo by the masters Pepe de la Matrona, Rafael Romero and Juan Varea, he studied singing for dancing, which gave him great mastery of the compas and palmas. In parallel, he learnt the flamenco guitar and played with many ballet companies, an absolute must to complete his training. «Mi Camino Flamenco», his third album, expresses serenity while displaying his mastery. Many styles and rhythms are featured here. They are all rendered with passion, sincerity and deep feeling. Alone with his guitar, Paco sings coplas of intense poetry, radiating with both tradition and erudition.